Results of the Winter Fight Cup 2018

Men’s 5×5:

1-st place Ayna Bera. Ukraine

2-nd place White Company. United Kingdom

3-rd place Brotherhood. Denmark

Women’s 5×5

1-st place Blood Griffins. Denmark, Germany, Poland

2-nd place Swords of Cygnus. United Kingdom

3-rd place Kenau. The Netherlands, Ukraine

Sword and shield (men)

1-st place Vasyl NAZAROV (Ayna Bera)

2-nd place Illia RADIONOV (Ayna Bera)

3-rd place Mykola AVENIROV (Ayna Bera)

4-rd place Lukas KOWAL (White Company)

Sword and shield (women)

1-st place Denise TÖPFER (Decima)

2-nd place Melanie GRAS (Decima)

3-rd place Alina KRAVCHENKO (Ayna Bera)

Longsword (men)

1-st place Mykola AVENIROV (Ayna Bera)

2-nd place Daniel WINTER (Primus)

3-rd place Karsten FRICKE (Decima)

Longsword (women)

1-st place Melanie GRAS (Decima)

2-nd place Sofie MACEANRUIG

3-rd place Alina KRAVCHENKO (Ayna Bera)

1vs1 Profights

1-st place — Mykola AVENIROV — heavy weight

1-st place — Volodymyr NECHYPORENKO — heavy+ weight

1-st place — Illia RADIONOV semi-heavy weight

1-st place — Vasyl NAZAROV — light weight

2-nd place — Taras HRYTSIUK — heavy weight